Edele is currently working in clinical practice while studying towards Advanced Practitioner status with the RCVS in the UK. The use of a range means medications can vary slightly from the brand name. Be sure to go with the smaller 11.4mg dose for any pet under 25 pounds. Fleas! Yes – as long as they are at least 4 weeks old and weigh at least 2 pounds. They’re both just under $30 for 6 doses. Capguard lasts up to 24 hours in your pet’s body. CAPGUARD ® is an oral tablet for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens 2 pounds of body weight or greater and 4 weeks of age and older. Advantus Flea Soft Chew. It is not for human use and should be kept out of the reach of children. Here are the available versions: Generic medications are required to have the same active ingredients, in an amount that’s within a certain range of the original. This is in part due to the short duration of action of nitenpyram which is eliminated from your pet’s system in 24 hours. Capstar is a fast acting knockdown of adult fleas and will last for 24 hours. Year First Made Available in U.S. When dealing with fleas in a multi-pet household, treating dogs and cats at the same time is essential to your success. Just the thought of them can make even the toughest pet parent shudder a little. Other generic brands include Sentry CapGuard and PetArmor FastCaps. Both Capguard and Capstar contain the active ingredient nitenpyram. It acts on the flea central nervous system by fastening to acetylcholine receptors. This includes your pet’s bed and anywhere else they’ve walked or have been lying down. It is much cheaper medicine when compared to flea drops and other flea medicines for dogs. The big difference between PetArmor and Novartis or Sentry is the amount of Nitenpyram they use. CapStar also only treats, but does not prevent, flea infestations. A number of different options are available which can be tailored to how severe the flea infestation is. The active ingredient, nitenpyram is in both of these products and is an effective flea treatment. Some reported side effects are lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, and restlessness. Capstar for dogs kills adult fleas and is indicated for the treatment of flea infestations on dogs and puppies 2 pounds of body weight or greater and 4 weeks of age and older. Capstar is available over-the-counter, without a prescription. You definitely can use the capstar and the Advantage II at the same time. We neither endorse the information, content, presentation, or accuracy nor make any warranty, express or implied, regarding any external site. Capstar contains nitenpyram as the active medication which kills adult fleas. Capstar is available for dogs and cats, and can help your pet live flea-free. Nitenpyram targets nerve signaling in the flea’s body causing death. Capstar is an excellent choice for getting rid of fleas quickly - it's very effective at killing any fleas that may currently be on the dog, but only lasts for 24 hours. Short-acting, Capstar’s active ingredient remains in the body for up to 24 hours after administration. Sentry Capguard is an oral flea control medication now available over-the-counter. Our Rating:  3 out of 5! 30 Quick Cap tablets cost around $15 ($0.50 each) on Ebay.com. To keep fleas from multiplying in your pet’s fur, you need to kill them off. These oral tablets are digested and the active ingredient, nitenpyram absorbed through the lining of your pooch’s small intestine into their bloodstream and around their body. If you’re not comfortable with the do-it-yourself methods above, I recommend contacting an exterminator. If it will be a few days until you can get your pet in for a vet appointment, you may wish to treat the fleas immediately. Additional Cautions. A: Yes, as these products are oral, the drug is within your pet’s body and fleas need to bite in order to ingest the active ingredient. As always, any pet can suffer an adverse effect from medication so you should speak with your veterinarian before trying any new flea treatment for your fur-baby. Can I still use one of these medications? Warnings. Yes, if you’ve read other flea and tick medication reviews you’re probably well aware of the risks of these pesky parasites. As mentioned earlier, Capguard and Capstar work very quickly. Additionally, the fillers used in generics can be different. Manufacturer. It will kill all exisiting adult fleas on your dog. The most effective step in eliminating fleas is an oral treatment to kill them off. These are used when you have an outbreak that normal methods like shampoos, spray, and bombs can’t fix. This product only protects pets against fleas and not other pesky parasites such as ticks. Active Ingredients. Additionally, FluentWoof.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Q: Do fleas and ticks have to bite my pet for Capguard or Capstar to work?A: Yes, as these products are oral, the drug is within your pet’s body and fleas need to bite in order to ingest the active ingredient. For starters, let’s compare these two medications. Get rid of fleas fast with Capguard (effective ingredient: Nitenpyram). Just one tablet can kill over 90% of fleas within 4 hours on your pooch. Our Rating:  3 out of 5! Once an adult flea bites, they ingest this ingredient which kills them through it’s action on their nervous system. – The frequency of treatment depends on the degree of infestation. Then they’ll diagnose the problem and come up with a treatment and cleanup plan. That could change how long it takes the medicine to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Capstar is the original, brand-name medication of the drug nitenpyram. Capstar is the ‘original’ or brand-name product containing this active ingredient while Capguard is considered the ‘generic’ form. The active ingredient in Capguard is Nitenpyram, the same ingredient in Capstar which costs about $10 more than Capguard. A: Yes, once your puppy weighs 2lbs or more and is at least 4 weeks old you can administer either of these products. Comfortis, AcuGuard* 2007. Capstar vs Frontline Plus. Alternatively, you can stuff the pill inside their favorite canned food, wrap it in cheese, or put it inside another soft food like tuna or cream cheese. Compare to Capstar (Nitenpyram), with the same active ingredient used in the vet channel. If you suspect your pet has fleas, I recommend calling your vet as the first step. Capstar contains the same active ingredient (nitenpyram) as Capguard and is generally considered the “brand-name” of this medication. Capstar vs Comfortis Compare Capstar Flea Pills to Comfortis Tablets. © COPYRIGHT 2019 FLUENTWOOF.COM LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Capguard or Capstar? The Capguard flea medication needs to be stored at controlled room temperature i.e, between 15°C-25°C or 59°F - 77°F. For comparison, Capstar costs about $21 for 6 tablets ($3.5 each). In this review, we compare Capstar vs Capguard to find out how these products work, how to administer them to your pup, and the most important question – Do they kill actually kill fleas and protect your pooch?! Passionate about education and writing, Edele’s goal is to maximize the pet-owner bond and welfare through education accessible to everyone.

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