The College of Graduate Studies is composed of the following departments: Department of Literacy and Early Childhood Join the largest doctoral program of its kind in Canada and acquire unique access to Montreal’s cultural institutions and exceptional library resources in the bilingual inter-university PhD program in Art History. Business & Communication. Train to work on all aspects of the software product life cycle through coursework. These versions meet all US regulations (such as no co-operative education or e-courses) for eligible programs. ), Technologies de la traduction (Grad. Skills & opportunities You can customize the speed and program that you need for your career goals. CUI serves over 4,000 students annually. Get hands-on experience in print, radio, television and online reporting over an 11-month period from June to April, in a streamlined program that familiarizes you with today's ever changing digital media landscape. Set yourself up for CPA success and become part of the next generation of accounting professionals. I am currently in the online Master of Arts in Education (M.A.ED.) Innovate by tailoring your own academic program and research goals. Application Centre From 2001-2013, Dr. Doering held the position of director of graduate research for the School of Education. Designed for MFA students, doctoral candidates and post-doctoral fellows at Concordia who want to work at higher education institutions. Examine the methods that currently influence the quality of systems, services, products and processes. P.O. Graduate Admissions Advance your career with the John Molson MBA program that focuses on your goals. Cert. Enhance and strengthen your knowledge as a practising engineer through coursework in various topic areas of electrical and computer engineering. Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture (CISSC), Faculty of Arts & Science, Faculty of Fine Arts. Develop your skills in a course-based program for practicing engineers to further your training in the field of mechanical engineering. Find out more about these unique offerings on our program pages. Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Concordia’s applied microscopy program allows you to take advantage of our partnership with the Hooke College of Applied Sciences. The College of Graduate Studies (CGS) is the largest of Concordia-Chicago’s five colleges, with 54 full time professors and 300 adjuncts. Develop the tools and visual literacy necessary for aesthetic, historical and cultural analysis of cinema and audiovisual media alongside a dynamic group of students. These versions meet all US regulations (such as no co-operative education or e-courses) for eligible programs. Write. Strengthen your professional skill set in engineering through courses in chemical and materials engineering and their applications. Work in cutting-edge research laboratories and set in motion your career in a leadership role. Train to be at the forefront of sustainable development practices by focusing on the design and implementation of waste management technologies, including water, wastewater and air treatment processes. Montreal, Quebec, Canada Concordia University Chicago has released its comprehensive spring 2021 Return to Campus Plan, which outlines necessary procedures to ensure spring semester operations, while maintaining academic excellence and prioritizing the health and safety of all members of the university community. Grad life Practical. Study the links between specialized sciences such as athletic therapy, molecular biology, neurology, nutrition and behavioural medicine. Colleges & Universities for Students From Jordan. Craft your own research path and develop unique career trajectories by stepping outside the normal boundaries of research and creation. Become a leader in your organization with data-based decision making skills. Subfields include computer-aided vehicle engineering, composites and computational fluid dynamics. Cert. The program is ideal for IT professionals who wish to gain a competitive advantage in the field. Join a research-intensive program in areas such as behavioural neuroscience, clinical and health research, cognitive science and human development and developmental processes. Work and research with distinguished scholars in fields such as applied econometrics, labour economics, monetary economics, financial economics and game theory. Conduct your electrical and computer engineering research in established research centres and laboratories for telecommunications, signal processing, systems controls and robotics, power systems and renewable energy. 90% students employed/enrolled in graduate programs within six months of graduation 20 minutes on the “L” to downtown Chicago Degrees and Programs. Apply early by gathering and composing the required documents for your application. Prepare your advancement to the PhD program. Set yourself apart by becoming an expert in your field. The Townsend Institute’s counseling model is titled Competency-Plus-Character. Draw on the strengths of four universities in Montreal in creating innovative solutions to contemporary business problems. Develop critical abilities and research practices in becoming a leading contributor in art education. Research & supervision Launch your design ideas in professionally equipped facilities alongside technical experts. The directors of the programs, under the direction of the Vice President of Academics, are responsible for the administration of the graduate program. Gain a comprehensive understanding of pedagogical approaches in post-secondary education. Carry out independent research on issues related to topics such as social inequality, gender, technology, food, environment and urban development. Students in the Concordia Jazz Studies program, the first university-level jazz program in Canada, have a unique opportunity to become fully immersed in the sounds and traditions of a 100 year-old art form that’s truly modern and still evolving. Department of Geography, Planning & Environment. Deepen your knowledge of cinema and moving image media by drawing on a wide variety of historical and cultural perspectives. The graduate program was developed by the graduate faculty, approved by the graduate committee, the faculty and the Board of Regents of Concordia University. The Concordia-Chicago MBA program is designed to assist you with business knowledge for your entire career. Enrol alongside school administrators, business managers, nursing educators and other professionals in the training of adult education methods and techniques. Shoot, edit, and write your own stories in a visually based multimedia practice under the guidance of our faculty. Develop professional skills in design with the expertise of internationally renowned faculty to prepare you for a broad range of career prospects. Attain the highest-level of degree in the field and gain expertise through intensive research in building engineering. Develop functional knowledge in the fundamental areas of business to effectively communicate to and influence various stakeholders. In addition to our main and online campuses, Concordia has center locations which offer accelerated undergraduate and graduate programs close to where you live and work. Coursework is designed for those who want to pursue their studies at more advanced levels and for working professionals interested in economics. Graduate Academic Information; Graduate Programs. Train to think critically about visual and material culture through a variety of research and applied initiatives. Department of Design and Computation Arts. Conduct research with faculty members that are leaders in various fields of computer science. Our graduate education programs are designed to enhance a teacher's expertise by putting an emphasis in leadership, technology and communication. Both the Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate programs in Psychological Assessment are intended to meet the needs of many practicing and aspiring psychologists who wish to enhance their professional education and/or work towards a master’s or doctorate degree. Strengthen and extend your qualification as a computer scientist to further develop techniques for computerized applications in a broad range of industries. Draw on personal experience to develop your own philosophy of art education by connecting your studio practice with pedagogical theory in a program best suited to your individual academic and professional goals. Accounting. Develop skills valued by employers by enhancing your expertise in marketing. Cultivate an individualized research focus in art history within a vibrant cohort of students, scholars and professionals. An undergraduate degree normally takes three or four years studying full-time to complete, a master's takes from a year and a half to three years, and a PhD is at least four years long. Now is the time to move forward. A list of all CUAA academic programs, degrees, certificates and licensures both online and in-person. To view Concordia’s graduate programs that are eligible to students seeking an F-1 Visa, visit our International Students page. Apply, About the School Concordia University offers over 200 graduate programs, diplomas and certificates. H3G 2V4, Art Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies (MA), Chartered Professional Accountancy (CPA) (GrDip), Construction Engineering and Management (MEng), Digital Innovation in Journalism Studies (MA), Drama Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies (MA), Développement économique communautaire (dipl. Explorez l'évolution du développement économique communautaire et des différentes théories du changement économique avec des professionnels du secteur et d'étudiants ayant une expérience de bénévolat dans une variété d'organisations. Join a program that's rooted in real-world experience and become a leader of change. Tackle complex problems in an array of fast-evolving fields, including big data, corporate finance and intelligence analysis to advance your research skills and be ready to apply mathematical expertise to your chosen field of interest. Areas within Graduate Education Take the opportunity to gain valuable training in Public Policy and Public Administration. Online Format. ; Ensure all required documents and information are submitted by the application deadline. Are you considering Concordia for your graduate studies? Advance your knowledge in economics through its applications and policies. I am a Magnum Cum Laude graduate from Concordia University - Portland receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. Craft your own research path and develop unique career trajectories by stepping outside the normal … Gain exposure to a variety of professional settings while learning about a wide range of clinical approaches with young people, including an emphasis on relational, emancipatory and psycho-educational techniques. Engage in research aimed at advancing the design of technological systems. Enhance your professional design skills and ability to present technical material through coursework among several subfields of building engineering ,including building science, construction management and energy efficiency. Concordia University-Wisconsin (CUW) is a Private (not-for-profit), 4 or more years school located in Mequon, WI. Our expert faculty deliver online content that will prepare you to succeed in fields such as education, business, healthcare or ministry. Benefit from an emphasis on clinical training that relies on experiential learning to prepare for your career as a drama therapist. Advance your training in media and cultural analysis at the crossroads of humanities and social science research alongside faculty members including scholars, artists, and media-makers who have extensive experience in graduate supervision. Assess materials and technology needs, apply learning theories and design solutions for classrooms and other organizations. Plan, manage and execute in-depth research projects that examine a wide array of subjects using real-world data to successfully land a career related to economics or to pursue a PhD. Build on your work as a researcher in an environment that combines chemistry, biochemistry, and physics with world-renowned faculty in areas such as bionanoscience and protein science to propel your research to the next level. Enrich your career through fundamental coursework to equip yourself with the tools required to create industrial chemical processes. About. Faculty. Our 3,000-plus students are enrolled in 38 master, doctoral and non-degree programs. Gain expertise in the applied concepts of physics in cutting-edge research centres and alongside faculty experts in fields as varied as bioengineering and chemistry. Strengthen your undergraduate engineering degree by diving into graduate research in building engineering subfields including building science, construction management, energy efficiency and rehabilitation of urban infrastructure. Concordia Partnerships. Conduct research into a wide array of topics including gender, colonialism, media and technology, language, environmental politics and the senses. Gain substantial research experience in innovative system design while working with experts in intelligent transportation systems, decision models in construction industry, sustainable cities and infrastructure management. Experiential. Gain broad-based knowledge in the study of genomics, proteomics, molecular genetics, protein biochemistry and bioinformatics. Identify educational problems and apply developments in psychology, information/communication and technology, management and systems analysis to solve them in your consultancy as an education technology professional. Earn substantial research experience for innovative system design and problem solving in areas such as operations research, transportation systems, stochastic optimization, lean systems design, human factors and safety. Join a passionate student cohort and conduct specialized research in fields including the clinical areas of injury prevention, and the chronic care of certain diseases through exercise. Work with faculty members in a variety of biological sciences including genomic and synthetic biology. Concordia University-Portland is a Private (not-for-profit), 4 or more years school located in Portland, OR. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Design your own program of study in areas not covered by existing programs and to explore topics outside traditional research boundaries. … Tuition & funding US Federal Student Aid-eligible versions of these programs are offered. Research the future of the profession with a unique focus on innovation. Department of Supply Chain and Business Technology Management. Develop your expertise in environmental engineering focusing on industrial waste management, environmental auditing, and modelling in environmental systems. Get the skills employers want by acquiring business knowledge that will help you become a more efficient and effective manager and administrator. Examine factors that shape children’s development using quantitative, mixed method, and qualitative approaches while linking theory to practice. Develop the skills required to tell impactful stories through still photography and video. Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Applied Physiology. Prepare for a career as a designer and developer of instructional materials and technology in educational settings. Faculty of Arts & Science, Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Fine Arts, John Molson School of Business, School of Graduate Studies. Study in state-of-the-art laboratories and apply interdisciplinary research and development in industrial control, computer-aided vehicle engineering, composites and computational fluid dynamics. Make. Work closely with a faculty mentor and expand your knowledge of modern research methodologies while developing advanced expertise in the field of biology. Join a diverse cohort of students who are pursuing research in second language teaching, psycholinguistics, oral and written production and the use of technologies in language teaching.

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