Kharif crops are the crops which are sown at the beginning of the rainy season, e.g. In india there are so many types of crops but here is 3 major types of crops in india. These crops are known as monsoon crops. Major Rabi crops in India include Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Sesame, Peas etc. They include wheat, gram, barley, potatoes, jowar, oil seeds such as linseed, rapeseed and mustard. Zaid is generally used as a boy's name. Solution: There is a short season between Kharif and Rabi season in the months of March to July. The name Zaid is of Arabic origin. berries B. citrus C. cotton D. wheat Weegy: Major crops in the Middle East include all of the following except: berries. Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is the primary source of livelihood for about more than 58 percent of Indians crops such as wheat, rice, pulses, sugarcane and cotton. Where is the biggest reseve of mica A India (B) South Africa (C) USA (D) Australia 16. D. Pumpkin. Rabi crop is the spring harvest or winter; sown in October last and harvested in March April every year. 13. The Green Revolution' was related to ( Production of agricultural produce like food grain etc.) (4) Zaid Rabi Crops: Rabi crops or rabi harvest are agricultural crops that are sown in winter and harvested in the spring in India and Pakistan . Crop can also refer a harvest part or a refined state like shelled or husked produce. Crop word is being used extensively both in agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture. Different forms of Indian Agriculture on the basis of Uses. It … Zaid. crops. A. Moong. between April and May. The Zaid crops require warm dry weather for major growth period and longer day length for flowering and fruiting. are examples of Zaid crops. (B) Production of milk wnd dairy products Production of lish and fishery produces (D) NON 15. Rabi crops are the crops that are sown at the end of monsoon or at the beginning of winter season, e.g. * Kharif crops :- The kharif crop is summer crop or monsoon crop. User: Major crops in the Middle East include all of the following except _____.A. It consists of 4 letters and 1 syllable and is pronounced Zaid. B. Mustard. These are sown in February-April and harvested in June-July. Score 1 User: Major crops in the Middle East include all of the following except _____.A. Zaid Kharif Crops: These are sown in August and September. Rabi Crops: These are crops sown at the beginning of the cold season (October to December) and are harvested at the beginning of the warm season (March to April). Zaid Crops: These crops mainly include green vegetables and fodder. Which out of the following is a Zaid crop? The meaning of Zaid is "prosperous, increasing". Zaid crops include (A gram (C) Oilseeds (D) bajra 14. QUESTION: 12. Crop Plants Information: The crop is a plant or animal that can be grown for human use and profits. Most of the oil seeds like mustard and tori are grown in this season. Zaid Crops. These crops are also known as winter or spring crops. Zaid is grown in some parts of country during March to June. Rabi Crop. It is also of African origin, where its meaning is "grow, increase". C. Urad. Watermelon, gourd, cucumber, etc. The top Grapes producing states include Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Mizoram. The main crops include traditional summer crops like rice, corn, cucumber, melon, pepper, tomato and some coarse cereals sown during the month of March and are generally harvested by June end. between September and October. They include wheat, gram, barley, potatoes, jowar, and oil seeds such as linseed, rape, and mustard. Cereals: Those crops which are used as food are called cereal crops, e.g. Which is kharif, rabbi, zaid crops. (3) Zaid Kharif Crops: These are sown in August and September and are harvested in December and January.